If you’re looking for ways to unblock the drain, you’ll probably come across more suggestions than you can read. When searching, you’ll probably see bleach as a suggestion. If you go a step further, you may notice conflicting information about the effect of bleach on the sewage system. Can bleach unblock drain?

The bleach will clean the drain and not unblock it

This mix, bleach and water are great for cleaning the drain and rinsing out debris. However, here things get difficult. Bleach will not unblock the drain more than pouring a glass of sink water. Bleach is great for decontaminating the sink and drainage and killing stinky germs; will not smash clogs.

Can I pour bleach into wastewater?

Bleach is not always safe for the environment except your drains. Although it is true that it eventually breaks down in the sewage system, one ounce of bleach requires 312,000 ounces of water to be safe for fish. Even if you pour bleach into the sink to get rid of it, it should be done gradually, using a large amount of water.

Bleaching reactions with accidental clogging chemicals can generate enough heat to endanger drain pipes or their connections. The rupture of the kitchen drain pipe can occur much further in the line than in the kitchen cabinet. When this happens, you may have wastewater leaks in the walls that are not immediately noticed until indescribable damage occurs.

Can bleach unblock drain?

It also damages hydraulics

A volatile combination of bleach and acid also generates a significant amount of heat. If you pour bleach into the drain after using the drain plug, the heat from the reaction can damage the pipes, and in extreme cases cause the pipes to burst.

The corrosive properties of bleach can discolor the sink or drain, damage the garbage blades, destroy rubber seals, and corrode plastic and lead pipes (in older homes).

Bleach can cause even more damage in areas where lead pipes have been repaired with brass fittings and copper pipes due to the reaction between the two metals.

Get rid of food

It’s easiest to get rid of leftovers in the world by simply wiping them off in the kitchen sink, but this is one of the worst things you can do with pipes. Like most other substances, food accumulates in your wastewater over time and clogs the system.

Please note that the garbage collection unit cannot very effectively destroy some items. An example is meat that becomes stiff and wraps around the blades of the device. This blunts the blades and makes them less able to break down other food items that will enter later.

Unblock the drain in 5 minutes

You need a ziplock / cable tie for this solution. Long is the best. Buy them at hardware stores for about three bucks. The tie works like a hydraulic hose, but it certainly has no reach. Torn tie ties capture clogging and pull out debris when the tie is pulled in.



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