For many jobs, believing DUI will not ruin your career. As long as you find a way to get to work on time, and DUI doesn’t affect your job, there should be no problem keeping your job. However, some employers take DUI more seriously than others. This is the case for many professions, but especially for teachers. If you are a DUI convicted teacher, there is a chance that your contract will not be extended. Can you lose your teaching license for a DUI?

Job loss

If you get fired because of DUI, it can also affect your future employment. Your financial situation may be offset as a result of the case. Also, if you lose your job, you may have serious problems. After receiving the DUI, it will remain in the driving record. This means that when you go to apply for a new teacher job, you must inform the potential employer about the DUI. If you don’t do this, your employer can check your driving history and criminal history. If they find out that you have hidden important information, it may affect your credibility and prevent you from finding a new job. As a result, obtaining a DUI can affect both your current and future professional situation.

Many school superintendents will end their teacher’s work if they are convicted of DUI. This is due to the fact that obtaining a DUI indicates bad decision making. The employer may find the DUI fee unprofessional and irresponsible. These negative traits become more important when considering the person responsible for teaching children. If you can prove to your employer that although you made a mistake, change your habits and try to be a more responsible person, there is a chance that you will not be dismissed.

Can you lose your teaching license for a DUI?

Will DUI affect teaching work?

Charging a DUI is one of the most frustrating things you can handle. They are expensive, time consuming, embarrassing and can seriously affect your life – not to mention that the situation in which you get it may even seem stupid when other transport options were readily available.

But if you can handle it, DUI can also affect your career, and if you’re a teacher, it can have even more impact.

DUI never looks good on your record, but as a teacher it can have serious consequences for your public perception, especially for the parents of the children you educate.

DUI, however, usually does not cause a teacher to lose his job, especially if it is a first-time offense. In most states, a DUI offense for the first time in most cases leads to an offense. In the case of a crime, you are more likely to have trouble keeping your job.

Although the first DUI offense is not an offense requiring an automatic disqualification period, schools may be subject to current teachers’ non-disqualification rules in all schools. The law states that nothing interferes with the school’s ability to make decisions about employment, discipline or termination of employment.

Because DUI remains in your criminal history, finding a job in another state will also be difficult. This can mean all the embarrassment and need to accept lower offers due to the lack of options.



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