The Job Posting Template is used to publish job offers and helps standardize them throughout the company. A good template should list things that attract great candidates instead of listing requirements and qualifications. Job offers are also called job advertisements, job advertisements, or sought after ads. How to create a job posting?

Job descriptions are not job offers

Many people confuse job offers with job descriptions. The job description should be a detailed, if somewhat dry description of the duties and expectations regarding the job that the company uses internally. A job advertisement aims to sell candidates in your company, team, location and all other things that make work great for you. This is what you should publish on job boards.

Be demanding in the application process

Do not facilitate the application process. Instead of asking to resume, attach a task to your task.

For example, a company looking for a webmaster may include the following information: “Please outline your approach to website design. The selected candidate will be asked to completely rebuild our site, so we would like to know how you will approach this process. “

Or, a salesperson looking for a customer service representative may ask applicants to write a cover letter describing three difficult situations with clients they have dealt with. Shortlisted candidates will be excited to be able to stand out from the crowd, while random candidates may be less likely to put so much effort into submitting a long-term application.

How to create a job posting?

Provide qualification and skill requirements

When a jobseeker is excited about your job offer, he must find out if he is qualified to apply. Use bullets again so that jobseekers can quickly scan and assess their eligibility.

Start by specifying the “required skills” to work. These are the skills, educational achievements and experience that are absolutely necessary to do the job. Finish the list with your “preferred skills”. These are attributes that may not be mandatory, but are definitely desirable for an ideal candidate. Preferred skills may include additional education or experience, experience in a particular industry, or knowledge of using a particular program.


  • a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to the job and five years of administrative experience, including three years of supervisory experience; 
  • Nine years of related administrative experience, including three years of supervisory experience; 
  • any equivalent combination of education and / or experience on the basis of which comparable knowledge, skills and skills have been obtained.


  • A relevant bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Five years of related administrative experience
  • Three years of supervisory experience
  • The ability to adapt to a changing environment and handle multiple priorities
  • Excellent writing and analysis skills
  • Hubspot and Google Analytics have a plus



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